High Water Mark...an aquaponics project.

Welcome to High Water Mark.

High Water Mark is a business in progress. You will see three aspects outlined here: garden, aquaculture and aquaponics. The garden and aquaculture aspects were used as a starting place for learning. The aquaponics aspect is more recent. We have a small aquaponics system running in our home, and are launching our aquaponics business which includes a greenhouse. We are both very involved in the business planning, but we each have our strengths and focuses.

Ruth is most involved in administration, marketing and design for the new business, and helping Noah with the aquaponics system. Noah is most involved in running the aquaponics system and construction for the greenhouse and it's systems.

Many have asked how the garden and the aquaculture aspects relate to an aquaponics system. Aquaponics is the bringing together of growing produce and aquaculture.

The garden and aquaculture unit were the "training wheels" for learning more about growing food and about working with aquatic ecosystems. We needed to learn to garden in a more traditional way first, and we needed to learn, hands on, how to keep fish healthy and happy in an enclosed ecosystem.

Regarding the name, High Water Mark. It was a name that came to Noah, and as with Nacho Group, many have asked about it.

First, most are familiar with the Noah of the Bible who gathered animals into his ark two by two and saved them from a massive flood, so in this way there is a connection with Noah’s name and with our faith.


Second, high water markers are found in flood plains as a way to measure the height of a current or potential flood.

Third, in the aquaponics system, a deep water culture method is being used.

The name also alludes to the high quality fish and vegetables we are working to grow, to eat and to share.

Bon appétit!

-Ruth & Noah Smucker

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