About our aquaponics.

Business is on its way, and beginning to grow.

In 2014, Noah in his research came upon an amazing aquaponics company that set the bar for what we were working towards doing on our own, from scratch. Their system uses standard construction materials and has been the first to be certified organic.

After much time researching and developing ideas and planning, we are on our way to making our aquaponics business a reality.

There are many details involved.

City zoning approved our plan that entails replacing the garage in our backyard with a greenhouse. The garage has been demolished, and construction has begun. Various system components have been and are continuing to be gathered together as well. A small aquaponics unit has also been set in place for practical hands-on learning. There have also been some presentations at various venues, along with interviews from various media.

On the administration side of things...We continue to double check our work with business professionals as things progress.

We continue to look for and find distributors and purchasers for our produce. We also continue to look for and find those interested in purchasing long-term CSA-style shares to provide our start-up capital. Fundraising has been keeping pace, though more is needed, and a crowd funding campaign will probably be part of the plan quite shortly.


Furthermore, we continue to gain more support for this business in many other ways, building connections with our community.

Two FAQ documents are provided here for your reading.

One FAQ document is designed for the neighbors of our property. It shows an artist rendering of the greenhouse, how it will fit into our property, how it will fit into our neighborhood, etc. It was designed specifically to help with the zoning process.

The other FAQ document is designed for supporters and connections of our business. It talks about the business aspect—who we are, why we are doing this, what background we have for doing this, how we plan to start the business, etc.

-Ruth & Noah Smucker

Aquaponics FAQ Sheets:

UPDATED For neighbors of 1628 S. 8th St.
For supporters and connections.