About our Garden.

The garden, the foundation of our project.

Noah has always had an interest in ecology and biology, and has liked growing plants. For example, he created his own mini biosphere in high school that ran for a full summer on its own.

Having a garden was something Noah constantly had in mind, but he finally started one when he found time to get it going. Work had slowed because of the financial crisis, and it seemed a good time to start a garden, and so he did.

Much research and planning was done. He decided on the square foot method as a basis on which to build, but much research led to making changes to that method.

As work became busier again for Noah, and Ruth’s health began to slow her work down, Ruth began to take over the gardening.

  Over the past years Ruth has done much research, and has pretty much made the garden the success it has become. Learning about timing, pests, composting and supplementing nutrients with organic and natural fertilizers was important. Continued research and study has become a natural part of the growing process.

When you take a look at the pictures of our garden, you’ll find a variety of photos that have been taken over the years. They have been placed in the order of season.

-Ruth & Noah Smucker