Nacho Group Visual Arts & Design...featuring two artists.

Welcome to Nacho Group Visual Arts & Design.

At this time Nacho Group features two artists. Noah (NJS) is a ceramics artist who is just getting back into his craft after taking a hiatus for several years. Ruth (RJS) is a mixed media artist who's focus is drawing, painting, collage, and sculpture. She is also a freelance graphic designer. Her art tends to bleed into her design and vice versa.

Both of our art work, and even some of Ruth's design work, tends to be religious in nature as a sheer fact of our Christian faith.

The name Nacho Group came to Ruth at random one morning. Many have asked about the meaning of the name.

There are layers to the name “Nacho Group.” Pun intended. Nacho, aside from being the beloved tortilla chip, is also a nickname for Ignatio, or Ignatius. For the both of us these things have signficance.

First of all, nachos come in all kinds of varieties, nachos and cheese, nachos with the works, six layer dip with chips, chips and salsa, it really describes the consistency within our work and yet the variety of our work.

  Second, Ignatian spirituality has had a significant impact on the two of us, and so there is a faith reference as well.

Bon appétit!

-Ruth & Noah Smucker

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